Hay Adams Hotels

David H. and Bailey P. for Hay Adams Hotel.

Gloria C., Andrew E., Kendra T.

One of CIMA's Rising Hollywood Starletts!!

KUDOS!! to Maddie Howard for booking principals on both "Ping Pong Summer" starring Susan Sarandon and on "VEEP" starring Julia Louise Dreyfus! Way ta' go, Maddie!

EF Tours

EF Tours Print Shoot last Spring (2012) with our Cima kids, Mariah K., Madison O, Miguel L. and Amir J. Lots of fun touring our nations capital.

Actress Crystal S. as teacher.

Six Flags!

Girls Life Magazine

Tatiana L. and Lacy P.

New Fashion Washington, Inaugural Issue

Clara B. for Fashion Washington, (Wash Post) by Marge Ely

Columbia Golf Association

Joanne B. Photography by Roy Cox

CIMA Top Model Courtney H.