New York Fashion Week 2012

Our own Clara B and Symone S. for Fashion Week, New York. Gulschachereli - Nolcha - Spring Summer 2013.

CIMA Kids for the National Aquarium!

Kudos to the CIMA kids in the classroom scene shoot for the National Aquarium in Baltimore! Congrats to Caitlin Fernandes who played lead!! The rest of the Cima crew were: Alejandro Ruck-Vega, Pearl Muckelvene, Anne Collins, Madison Ouelette, Lorra Toler, Brooke F, Rachel Adams, Tatiana Lewis, Austin Riley, Jade Neal, and Samantha Reid. Thanks Crystal and Adam!

CIMA Kids Picnic 2012!

A few of the kids that attended this years picnic! Sorry we did not get everyone that attended, but we had a good group and had lots of fun! Thank you Judy Templeton for joining our Cima Kids Division!
Colin Costella